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Sports Trials

We are excited to announce we have a trial for a sports class next Wednesday 3rd of March at 2.30pm with ISA (Independent Sporting Association) and Thursday the 4th of March at 10am with Mini Monstars. This will be for the Toddler and Kindergarten children.

About Mini Monstars:

Mini Sports Mon-Stars is a multi ‘sport specific program‘ for boys and girls aged 1-6. The classes provide fun and energetic programs, which keeps both participants and educators entertained. Mini Monstars incorporates fun decision-making games, enhances basic skill fundamentals and motor development capabilities. We aim to help Kindergartens and schools, fight the battle of childhood obesity through this program.

Mini Monstars (Sports) currently revolves around these four sports:

- Basketball

- AFL Football

- Cricket

- Soccer

All our programs are 30minutes long per class. We strive to run the best preschool program and we do this by keeping the kids having fun and entertained. The children will learn the basic fundamental skills of these 4 sports as they also continue to enhance basic skill fundamentals, motor development capabilities and develop their cognitive pathways.

Children begin to socially develop as they make new friendships through this program. All classes are run in conjunction with school terms and are held either indoors or outdoors depending on weather and the childcares needs. So no matter what the conditions the classes still run.

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